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Wrapping Up Summer 2016

Labor Day has come and gone, and with that comes the reluctant acknowledgement that summer is over. Summer in Denver is a time of festivals and celebrations, great music and scrumptious barbecues, fabulous weather and late night outdoor dining.


We watched as the 16th Street Mall was transformed into a grassy area filled with lounge chairs, lawn games and ping pong tables for “Meet in the Street” fun.


We celebrated entrepreneurs and entertainers showcasing their talents at the various “The Big Wonderful” events around our city. This group hopes to provide a launching pad for small businesses and also to reenergize existing neighborhoods.


And of course, we welcomed the 30th year of Denver’s Jazz in the Park, an offering of free Sunday concerts in City Park. Concertgoers spread out blankets, enjoyed good food and listened to music that reflects and honors talented local musicians and the cultural diversity in our city.


We now get ready for green chili roasts, Oktoberfests, corn mazes and fall harvests, trips to the high country to see the colors change, and tailgate parties to cheer on the Broncos.



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