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Our Philosophy

At GENERATOR Real Estate & Development, philanthropy is at the core of everything we believe. It is truly our aspiration to set up a long-term endowment that can continue to build as we grow. Given that we’re a small, start-up company, our intention is that with each closing, we will contribute a percentage into a philanthropic fund where we focus all of our efforts on helping people within our community who are struggling to stay in their homes.

Aside from the fund, we are also passionately committed to building community. We believe in walking the talk and living authentically in the communities where we live. At GENERATOR, we have budgeted within our business model a line item to do so. Some of our past community events include the 4th of July Highland Parade & Picnic and the White Tablecloth Potluck.


Do you know someone elderly who needs a roof repair who can’t afford it? Do you have a neighbor who could use some financial assistance to stay in their home? If you know of anyone that could use some help, please email us and let us know how we can help.