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Whose House? Fred’s House!

Imagine having someone drive a car through the front window of your home, and then imagine living for four years with the damage caused by that accident, during which time multiple general contractors made promises to remedy the situation and the challenge of pursuing an insurance claim. So is the story of our friend and Sunnyside neighbor Fred.

When we heard of the situation through the neighborhood portal, we quickly decided that Fred’s hardship was one that we wanted to rally around as a company and work to remedy. Coming together with like-minded neighbors in Northwest Denver through regular Saturday morning meetings, it was decided that Generator’s efforts could be put to best use through the donation of new windows, and thanks to the Local Glazers Union, those windows were installed in December.

We continue to support Fred and are committed to helping to see through the full renovation of his home. We are grateful for the contributions of time and labor provided by our neighbors in Northwest Denver, Hensel Phelps, Roof of the Rockies, MC-Air, and the local Glaziers Union.

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