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Generator Philanthropy: One Opportunity at a Time

One of our goals at Generator is to help keep people in their homes. So when a friend reached out to us with an opportunity to help this family, we, along with Jack & Judy Pottle, and Little Man Ice Cream, were grateful.

This family is from Kachin State in Myanmar which is currently experiencing the longest running civil war. The army is actively participating in an ethnic cleansing of all Kachin and other minority ethnic groups, often raiding villages, killing the men and taking the women and children to use as human mine sweepers as they roam from village to village. This family fled Myanmar and were smuggled onto a boat to Rangoon Malaysia where they lived as undocumented refugees, in a camp, for two years. The U.N.H.C.R. granted them asylum in 2010 and they were resettled in Aurora, Colorado.

Knowing no English the family managed to pay back the government the price of the three plane tickets (daughter wasn’t born yet), saved up cash to purchase their vehicle, and put a decent down payment on a condo in August 2015; the real American dream.

Just three weeks after purchasing their condo there was a fire in the building. Insurance was able to take care of 3 months of displacement while the condo was being cleaned and restored. Then recently in December they were told they couldn’t move into their home for another 5 months. It was at this time we were asked if we could help keep a roof over their heads until the end of May 2016.

We are grateful that along with the help of our friends, we were able to donate enough funds to keep them in a rental until May. This is how we build community and strengthen the will of the heart, one opportunity at a time.