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Stories in Sculpture at the Denver Botantic Gardens

Stories in Sculpture is an interesting opportunity to experience the Denver Botanic Gardens with new eyes.  Thirteen sculptures, on loan from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, have been placed throughout the Botanic Gardens where they compliment and enhance the varied natural settings. While there is so much that is gorgeous in the gardens, including stunning water lily ponds and butterflies the size of small birds, you can also walk around, map in hand, trying to locate all 13 sculptures.


Perhaps the most photographed is “Hare on Bell on Portland Stone Piers” by Barry Flanagan.  It’s whimsical, playful and joyous.


Deborah Butterfield’s “Woodrow” is surprising.  This beautiful horse appears to be made of wood.  Actually, the artist began by selecting sticks, tree branches and bark, and casting each in bronze, before assembling the sculpture.  She then used a process that makes the bronze appear as if it were actual tree branches.


I loved “Walking Man” by George Segal.  The artist first formed a plaster cast on a live model, before recasting it in bronze.  Interestingly, the man is placed simply on a sidewalk, rather than on a pedestal, so he seems like someone you might actually have known.


Don’t wait too long to see Stories in Sculpture; the exhibit will only be in Denver until October 2nd.

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