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Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place

The Denver Art Museum is currently hosting Mi Tierra, an exhibit by 13 Latino artists, showcasing their visions of contemporary life as Mexican-American artists in the American West. It explores themes such as migration, cultures, the mix of different countries, experiences and languages, and how one defines identity and belonging.

“Destinies Manifest”; artist John Jota Leaños

Even though each work revolves around a theme, they are extremely different in their perspectives. There’s a wide variety of media used in this exhibit, including string, photography, tissue paper, cardboard, actual clothing and other artifacts, and video. This is an exhibit you really have to visit in person; photographs, while permitted, do not do justice here.

“Plexus no. 36”; artist Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe’s work entitled “Plexus no.36” is created with an incredible 65 miles of thread. The colors seem to blend and change as the light shifts from the one narrow window nearby. The artist described the months of planning for this piece, and the zen-like process, “almost like a dance” that went into its construction as the string was stretched back and forth.

“Fridalandia” ; artist Justin Favela

“Fridalandia” by Justin Favela is an entire courtyard created out of paper mâché and hand-cut tissue paper, similar to making a piñata. Walking through this piece feels like walking through a giant piñata. Favela tried to replicate the artist Frida Kahlo’s courtyard at Casa Azul, as represented in the 2002 movie “Frida”. It’s intriguing and colorful, and feels a bit like you’re actually strolling outside in a Mexican courtyard.

“One-Way Mirror”; artist Jaime Carrero

A visit to the Denver Art Museum is always special. Be sure to visit before October 22nd, so that you can experience “Mi Terra”, an exhibit that is perhaps especially meaningful in our world today. Learn more about Mi Tierra and everything going on at the Denver Art Museum at their website here.

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