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Take a walk through Hudson Gardens

There are many scenic areas of natural beauty in the Denver area. One of these is Hudson Gardens, located in Littleton, at 6115 South Santa Fe Drive. Hudson Gardens is free and open year round, and is a tranquil 30 acre site for walking, quiet contemplation, and photography. The park is adjacent to the Mary Carter Greenway, which offers eight miles of paved trail along the South Platte River, ending up in Chatfield State Park.

There are so many interesting areas of the Gardens to observe. Approximately twenty-one beehives thrive in the Honey Bee Apiary.     New beekeepers receive training here and the hives are maintained by volunteer community beekeepers. It is fascinating to observe the considerable bee activity around the hives, and to hear the buzzing as the bees go about their work.

Other intriguing areas of Hudson Gardens are the Songbird Garden, the Pumpkin Patch, the Vegetable Garden, and the Water Lilies. The Songbird Garden is designed to improve the natural habitat of both resident and migratory birds, so it features nesting boxes, birdfeeders and bird friendly plants. The vegetable garden offers a chance for gardeners to learn more about vegetable growing in Colorado.  Hundreds of pounds of produce harvested from the Vegetable Garden are donated to local food banks. Hudson Gardens also has a Plant Zoo, filled with flowers that have animal names. The plant names are shown in pictures, and visitors have to guess their names. Could you identify Dogwood, Lamb’s Ear, Catmint and Snapdragon from a picture of the animal associated with its name?

Hudson Gardens offers a quiet and serene respite in which to enjoy and appreciate our state’s abundant natural beauty.

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