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Street Seen: Good Fellas

North Denver Tribune // January 21, 2015

Little Man Ice Cream held its annual “Employee Appreciation Day” on January 5. The company is well known for its philanthropic roots in third world countries with their Scoop for Scoop program that donates one scoop of rice and beans for every scoop of ice cream sold. They brought that same giving nature a little closer to home by kicking off the day at the Denver Rescue Missions facility, The Crossing. Their mission was to cook and serve a pasta feast and obligatory ice cream dessert to the 300 members of this residential community. The Crossing provides long-term rehabilitation and transitional shelter for individuals and families who are transitioning from homelessness to a life of self-sufficiency and community contribution.

The CEO, Brad Meuli, wrote a letter in the reflecting on the simplicity of a meal. “We’ve had all we needed for so long that we do not really know what it’s like to go without food. When we get hungry, we just stop at any one of the hundreds of fast food restaurants nearby and enjoy a meal. We don’t even have to prepare it!

But if you have ever been without, if you have missed some meals, gone hungry, tried to eat on a dollar a day—then you know the importance of a meal. At the Mission we say it all begins with a meal. The simple act of providing someone breakfast, lunch or dinner, and maybe a little conversation, a little dignity, makes all the difference in the world…

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