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Stay at Home Refresh

We’ve never been at home more and it might be the perfect time to do some small projects that will make a big impact when you eventually list your home for sale. I talked to our brokers and got their top tips for DIY projects that are a great bang for your buck when your house hits the market.


First thing I think of is curb appeal – plant new greenery to fill in your landscaping, consider if your stick-like bushes are truly perennials or it’s time to move on.


A refresh of your mulch can go a long way, it requires no special tools and you can get it delivered!


Window washing! Homes show brighter and lighter after a good clean.


Service your furnace. If you can’t get an HVAC person out, you can easily open your furnace and vacuum any obvious dirt with the hose attachment. Don’t forget to replace the filter regularly too.


The front porch is what prospective buyers see first – replace your porch light or paint your front door, but make sure to knock down any lingering cobwebs.


Carpet Cleaning can go a long way, also small projects like installing a backsplash can make a difference on a budget.


Fresh light fixtures, hardware, and paint can be the easy facelift that can set your home apart.

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