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RiNo Crush, a gallery in the streets

Visiting the RiNo neighborhood of Denver is always intriguing, as there are frequently new places to visit and enticing new restaurants to try. The area is home to historic factories and warehouses, as well as creative new businesses. River North, or RiNo, as it is now known, is roughly the area
north of downtown Denver. One thing you notice as you walk or drive in this area is the vibrant and diverse murals that are everywhere,
transforming alleyways and entire city blocks with dynamic and sometimes challenging works of art.

Work in progress by Detour

Crush, a group centered around empowering artists, hosts a weeklong celebration of graffiti and street art each year around mid-September. Artists from all over the world, but mostly local street artists, participate, turning the RiNo neighborhood into a compelling, walkable outdoor gallery. Of course, their works remain long after the celebration is over, and it makes RiNo area a great area to explore. During the actual weeklong festival, you can watch artists at work, which is interesting if you’ve ever wondered how these artists achieve the size and scope of some of their projects. Their tools of the trade often seem to be pick-up trucks loaded with boxes of spray paints, multiple ladders and impressive scaffolding. It’s incredible to watch these talented artists apply spray paint with such precision.

Mural by Pher01, MPek and Brian Scott Hampton at 1360 27th St.

If you haven’t visited the area in awhile, check it out. This area of Denver “Where Art is Made” features murals on just about every corner, adding character, beauty and cultural identity to this neighborhood.