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Priced Out: From Berkeley to Regis

In today’s post, check out part one of a three part series by broker Adam Waggoner, exploring new neighborhoods to consider in a market where getting priced out is becoming more and more common. 

In today’s market the typical Denver home buyer, across most neighborhoods and price points, presents at least a handful of offers before they receive an accepted contract. Outside of producing YouTube home video pleas, writing personalized letters, or baking cookies, why not consider broadening your search? While competition will still exist, leveraging your purchase power on a more moderately priced “fringe community” will help your chances of landing the perfect home. This is one of my favorite alternatives:

Looking in Berkeley? Try Regis…

While everyone loves the Tennyson corridor, you can find more bang for your buck only a short drive away in Regis, where the University has a vested interest in maintaining and continuing to improve their community. Within a mile there is access to two parks (Berkeley & Rocky Mountain) as well as the Willis Case Golf Course. Since January, the median single-family home price in Regis has been $323,500 vs. $413,700 in Berkeley. As home prices continue to appreciate, this is an affordable, attractive alternative.


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