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Denver’s New Block

Many Denver residents have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Dairy Block at 1800 Wazee Street.  Windsor Dairy used to be housed here in a 1918 old red brick building.   It’s now part of what is known as an “activated alley”, lined with interesting restaurants and shops.  It’s delightful to walk through this renovated alley, admiring the flowers and peeking into shop windows. An independent new hotel, The Maven, is also located in this block.

Art is everywhere…murals on the sides of buildings, “milk bottle” lights strung overhead, and a giant milk can several stories high pouring “milk” onto the street below. In addition to one rectangular paving stone indicating the location of a time capsule to be opened in 2068, there are also sayings etched in stones along the alleyway, guaranteed to make you smile.  Children would probably enjoy trying to find them all and figuring out what they really meant.  (What does “Bark less, wag more” really mean?). 31 local artists have contributed works, which can be found throughout the block…the elevators, the Maven’s lobby, restaurants, and outdoor spaces.


Currently open are businesses such as Huckleberry Roasters, Kachina Cantina, PokaLola Social Club and The Perfect Petal.  Many more will open soon. In addition, Milk Market, a food hall operated by Denver chef Frank Bonanno features 16 all local food and drink vendors, and will surely draw crowds.  Moo Bar, Bonanno brothers Pizzeria, mano pastaria, Bao Chica Bao and many other spots entice with pretty much whatever you are craving for lunch or dinner.

Be sure to put a visit to Denver’s Dairy Block on your summer’s to-do list!