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Cherry Bean Specialty Coffee

Simon Lagos is passionate about coffee and exuberant about his work. Simon is co-owner, along with brother-in-law Jose Vega, of Cherry Bean Specialty Coffee, located at 4059 Tejon Street.

Cherry Bean Pastries

Simon, who came to Colorado from Honduras, states emphatically, “I love coffee!” He says he thought he knew everything about it until he actually got into the business, and says it’s been quite a journey.

At Cherry Bean, Simon and Jose take pride in locally sourcing most everything they serve. Their coffee comes from Commonwealth Roasters and Sweetbloom Roasters, and the pastries and breakfast burritos are also local. They feature some house-made syrups, including a popular pumpkin syrup that makes fabulous pumpkin lattes.


“This is like my Ferrari,” Simon says, proudly pointing to the expresso machine and explaining to me how he carefully cleans, monitors, and otherwise tends to it. Simon is knowledgeable and excited about every aspect of Cherry Bean Specialty Coffee, even showing me these special ridged coffee cups they use that allow you to feel how hot the coffee is before actually taking your first sip.

I tried my first Horchata at Cherry Bean, a traditional iced drink popular in Latin American countries. There are many different versions of this drink. At Cherry Bean, it’s made from almond milk, rice, cinnamon, vanilla and morro seeds, which Simon pointed out, are also the seeds inside maracas. My drink was a bit unusual, and quite delicious.


Simon said that the neighborhood has been so welcoming and supportive of the business. He loves the mix of people that stop by everyday, and if the day I was there is any indication, Cherry Bean has a lot of “regulars” who stop by often. Cherry Bean has a comfortable, friendly, “feels like home” vibe to it.