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Adrift: A Tiki Oasis in Denver

If sub-freezing temperatures and slow, slushy commutes have you dreaming of the tropics (except for the fact that quitting your job is not a viable option), perhaps a visit to Adrift Tiki Bar would provide some solace. The interior is cozy and dark, with a traditional Tiki setting. The atmosphere has a great vintage feel to it, with plenty of tikis, the small wood carved images of human figures, as well as hanging blowfish lanterns, bamboo walls, and portraits of island girls. It feels a bit like you’ve been transported to someplace far more exotic than the snow-packed sidewalks of Denver.

Adrift Denver

Adrift features hand-crafted cocktails with names like Shark’s Tooth, Satan’s Whiskers, Typhoon Tilly, and Missionary’s Downfall. Their Green Papaya salad is sensational, with a mix of jicama, Asian pear, and lotus, dressed with a Tamarind-Likiloi Vinaigrette. They offer a Hawaiian Mix Plate, with the requisite rice, macaroni salad and Kalua pork, but more gourmet in taste and presentation than those typically found in Big Island restaurants.

Adrift Denver

Adrift’s website introduces us to “mana”, a Polynesian word for “power”, or a spiritual energy found within each of us. Mana can be earned through acts of kindness and charity. To that end, Adrift sets aside a portion of their profits to finance the Mana Immersion Fund, which in turn supports humanitarian work in medical, dental, construction and hunger relief throughout the world.

Adrift Denver

Consider visiting Adrift Tiki Bar the next time you’re in the mood for Polynesian-inspired cuisine, a vintage tropical drink, or simply a brief respite from the modern day world.

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