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6 Ways to Prepare your Home for Sale

Whether you are hoping to sell your home next week or next year, try our tips to make your house feel brand new.

  1. Cleanliness is the number one priority, wiping down light switches, using a magic eraser to buff out scuffs on your walls and dusting floorboards all add to an overall elevated and welcoming feeling.
  2. Strategically edit what you have on display. When you are selling your home you want buyers to be able to imagine their life in the house, make this easier by removing extra books and family photos from bookshelves and eliminating stacks of clutter on the coffee table.
  3. Plants are an affordable way to add energy and life to a space.
  4. Wash your windows! The cleaner your windows the more light they welcome in, and no one has ever passed on a home for having too much light.
  5. Curb appeal is real, and a real factor for buyers. Remove dead plants and fill empty spaces in your landscaping with new plants. Don’t forget to clean your front door and porch lights, first impressions are everything.
  6. Lastly, plan a staycation. Homes are moving quickly in the Denver market and the best way to avoid the stress of multiple showings is to treat yourself to a stay at an Airbnb or hotel in town. It reduces your stress and also makes it easy to keep your home in perfect showing condition.

Selling your home can be a stressful time but implementing these tips will make sure that your home looks its best to prospective buyers. When you are ready to make a move we are ready to help, give your advisor a call to discuss where to start!